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At "My Wood Cutters", you can find pretty much all common cutting tools for woodworkers. This includes replacement knives for planers and jointers, shaper cutters, Helical cutter heads for planers and jointers, and even molding knives for all common molding machines
as well as for special shaper cutter heads that accept corrugated molding knives (of course, we offer these heads as well).

We currently offer:

1,060+ catalog moulding knives, Custom Moulding Knives,

SHELIX Helical Cutterheads for 500+ Planers, Jointers, Shapers, and Moulders

670+ Shaper Cutter Heads and Shaper Accessories

500+ Sets of Replacement Knives for Planers and Jointers

While we strive to offer you some of the best prices on the Market, we specialize in high quality products only. For this very reason, you will find our products well-priced, affordable,
or competitive, but we do not like to use the term “cheap”. In our opinion, if something is being sold “cheap”, it usually is a “cheap” product or simply “You get what you pay for”.
If you ever have the feeling you just “got what you paid for” and not the long lasting high quality product you expected, please inform us immediately and we will investigate
the appropriate product and if we agree with you, remove it from our inventory and offer you a full refund!

 Browse our website and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!


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