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SHELIX Heads for Planers by BAKER

SHELIX Heads for Planers by BAKER

The ORIGINAL SHEAR & HELIX and spiral cutter non-grind design.

  • SPIRALLED STAGGER TOOTH to break up chips for dust collection systems and to reduce horsepower requirements
  • SHEAR to give clean cutting action
  • HELIX to assist the chip flow

Below are the BAKER Planer models listed for which we offer a SHELIX Helical Cutter Head. If you have a Planer by BAKER that is not listed below, please inquire as new models are frequently added but may not be online yet. Byrd Tool also offers custom built SHELIX heads for any machine that is currently not listed.

SHELIX for BAKER 12'' Planer, 12

SHELIX for BAKER 12'' Planer, 12" Thicknesser RDG

This SHELIX head features 8 wings of knives with a total of 96 knives. Additional replacement knives..

(USD) $1,339.00

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