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Byrd SHELIX Head               or               Lux Cut III Head:
What is the difference? 

Byrd SHELIX HeadLux Cut III Head

Regarding the performance, there really is no actual performance difference between the Shelix and Lux Cut III Helical cutterheads due to the basic geometry of their designs.


The finished cut results are virtually indistinguishable, they both shear the wood Vs. chopping it!   You would not be able to tell which cutterhead has planed a board by looking at one from each cutterhead.

However, there are some other differences we will outline below:

  • Shelix heads (depending on model) 3-24 week delivery time, Lux Cut III will normally ship in about 2-3 days.
    (Unfortunately, Lux Cut III Heads are currently only available for most common machines while you can get a SHELIX head for pretty much any machine that is upgradable!)

  • Shelix is an established name and has a very good reputation, to compete with this Lux has had to offer the same basic high quality and benefits plus offer a few additional features that we feel are quite beneficial.

  • The Lux Cut III Head is made from a high alloy steel that is heat treat stabilized and finally black oxidized. It offers a long lasting and much better rust protection. This is a much better quality steel which also explains the price difference.

  • The Lux Carbide insert knives are a new patented design with counter bore style that are much easier to locateA really nice feature when rotating or replacing the inserts


  • All Lux heads come with pre-installed bearings and are of very high quality as they do not want failures of 3rd party bearings to harm their good reputation.

  • FYI the Lux heads are made by our main blade supplier who we have dealt with for over 8 years, Titan Knife by Global Tooling.

Based on common FAQ’s: Does the Lux Cut Head indeed offer a true SHEAR Cut like the SHELIX Head?

Lux Cut Head with SHEAR Cut


Short answer is “YES, absolutely!” Some of the images (especially on small diameter heads) appear like the knives are mounted straight and not diagonally on the head to provide a SHEAR cut. The reason is that the angle is 15 degrees, which is slightly less than on SHELIX heads. The images on the left clearly show that the knives are mounted diagonally on an angle and not straight.


This smaller shear angle has some advantages, it still provides all the benefits of a shear cut, but it reduces a side effect. For every head with SHEAR cut, the cutting edges on the knives are not straight, but rounded. The knives for SHELIX heads have a 4 inch radius and the knives on the Lux Cut Head have a 6 inch radius. This larger radius makes the cutting edge more straight and ensures a smaller scalloping effect that is a natural consequence of using any spiral head with shear cut.






Check out these new videos!  (start about half way through the first one)






Please note: LuxCut III Heads currently are only being offered for most common machines on the market. If a head for your machine is not being offered on this website, it means that it is not available. While the manufacturer is working on additional heads for other common machines, they are set up for mass production and will not make custom heads for very old or machines that are on the market with low quantities!

So how is this possible, where is the LuxCut III Head being made?
The LuxCut III Head is made under contract in Taiwan, the same country where the vast majority of high quality planers and jointers in North America now come from!


Purchased this Lux Cut III cutter head from MyWoodCutters.com for my Delta DC-380 planer. I received in just a couple of days. Installation was pretty straight forward. I took my time and the installation took about 2-1/2 hours.
The first thing I noticed when I fired up the planer with the new cutter head was how quiet it was. I heard how quiet this type of cutter head was but I was still surprised. My dust collector is louder. So believe the hype. The first board I ran through to test was a piece of oak. Again, believe the hype. The cut quality is fantastic. I then ran some peruvian walnut through and am still just amazed. I won't even bother running it through my drum sander it was so smooth. This cutter head has taken a good planer and turned it into a fantastic planer. If you are on the fence don't hesitate. It is definitely worth every penny. Not only the cut quality but the time you will save from having a great finish but also no more blade changes.
John T.

This is a review of the LUX 3 cutterhead for the Dewalt DW735.  I was a little reluctant to first purchase this head for my machine.  I have done tons of research on whether or not the cost of an upgraded cutterhead would be worth it.  Boy am I pleased of this purchase..  The staff at MyWoodCutters recommended this cutterhead because of the ease of alignment when you install each of the carbide cutters.  The ease of replacing the cutterhead is an understatement also.   When I first turned the planer on I had to check my ears to see if I had my earplugs in or not.  The difference in sound when running is amazing.  It is quieter now planing lumber than when I had the original head in just idling.  This alone is worth it in my opinion.  Then when I ran my 12” black cherry boards through.  All I can say is wow.  Beautiful finish.  I planed about 80 board feet of 12” wide black cherry and each and every board is fantastic.  If I would have did this much planing with the original head I would have had at least one little knick in the HSS blades.  Not so with the carbide cutters.  So long story shortened.  Buy this head.  You won’t regret it at all.  And a special thanks to the people at MyWoodCutters.  Great to deal with and extremely helplful.


Brad Green

Good evening everyone, I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I am extremely satisfied with my Lux Cut III helical planer head for my Dewalt 735. I had originally purchased a Shelix head and after numerous hours attempting to get a clean even cut with the planer knives, I decided to return the Shelix and purchase a Lux Cut and I'm so glad I did. The day I received the new planer head I installed it and my very first cut was absolute perfection, not a single knife blade needed adjustment. On top of the performance of the new head, I want to say the milling and final finish of the Lux Cut head was in a completely different league than the Shelix. The Lux Cut head was flawlessly finished as compared to the Shelix which had a very rough and primitive appearance. I’m sure you already know these things but I wanted you to know I appreciate the attention to detail, the craftsmanship, and the ease in seating the knives after installation. I couldn’t be happy with this product.