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Byrd SHELIX Head               or               Lux Cut III Head:
What is the difference? 

Byrd SHELIX HeadLux Cut III Head

Regarding the performance, there really is no actual performance difference between the Shelix and Lux Cut III Helical cutterheads due to the basic geometry of their designs.


The finished cut results are virtually indistinguishable, they both shear the wood Vs. chopping it!   You would not be able to tell which cutterhead has planed a board by looking at one from each cutterhead.

However, there are some other differences we will outline below:

  • Shelix heads (depending on model) 3-24 week delivery time, Lux Cut III will normally ship in about 2-3 days.
    (Unfortunately, Lux Cut III Heads are currently only available for most common machines while you can get a SHELIX head for pretty much any machine that is upgradable!)

  • With Shelix Freight is extra, Lux Cut III Heads ship for free within the 48 contiguous states

  • Shelix is an established name and has a very good reputation, to compete with this Lux has had to offer the same basic high quality and benefits plus offer a few additional features that we feel are quite beneficial.

  • The Lux Cut III Head is made from a high alloy steel that is heat treat stabilized and finally black oxidized. It offers a long lasting and much better rust protection.  It also looks a bit better made.

  • The Lux Carbide insert knives are a new patented design with counter bore style that are much easier to locateA really nice feature when rotating or replacing the inserts


  • All Lux heads come with pre-installed bearings and are of very high quality as they do not want failures of 3rd party bearings to harm their good reputation.

  • FYI the Lux heads are made by our main blade supplier who we have dealt with for over 8 years, Titan Knife by Global Tooling.

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