Set of 3 Carbide Blades (Single Edge) - Length: 13", Width: 7/8", Thickness: 1/16"

  • (USD) $171.25

  • Price in Canadian Dollar: (CAD) $223.50

  • 3 or more (USD) $170.25
  • 5 or more (USD) $169.75

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Set of 3 Carbide Knives (SINGLE EDGE ONLY!). These knives are also available in HSS for $38.95. Please click here for HSS Knives.

Our Carbide knives are made from C3-Grade Carbide. They typically last about 10 times longer than HSS knives!

Knife dimesnions: Length: 13", Width: 7/8", Thickness: 1/16"

Upgrade your jointer and planer to a spiral cutter head!


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