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If you need planer and/or jointer knives that are not listed on our website:


All planer and jointer knives on our website are aftermarket knives. In comparison to your original knives, our knives are of equal or greater quality. All steel knives are made from V2 steel which has a 10% longer life span than most common HSS knives.
If the knives you need are not listed on our website, you can request them here. If the knives you are requesting are for a fairly common machine, we will add them to our database shortly. Otherwise, we will offer you custom knives to suit your needs for as long as your knives are straight knives with no holes.

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I need knives for this Machine

Model Name or Number:

Dimensions of the knives
IMPORTANT: All machines for which we know what blades they use are listed on our website. If your machine is not listed, we simply do not know what blades this machine uses. Please remove one of the blades from your machine in order to measure and submit the dimensions below. Without this information, we cannot help you.



Number of knives per set:


If your knives have holes, please attach a drawing with dimesions:

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Some info on how to inquire about planer and jointer Blades: