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Custom Molding Knives

We offer custom molding knives for all common molding machines and shaper cutter heads that accept corrugated knives!

Please calculate the price for your custom molding knives in the easy to use calculator below. If the price is acceptable to you, please continue to fill in your request and send us your drawings. We will then get right to work and prepare the necessary CAD drawings for your approval and send them back to you. Once you have approved the drawings and we have received your payment, your molding knives will go straight to production and are usually ready to ship 2 business days later.


Custom Molding Knife Price Calculator

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Gibs and/or balancing weights:
Knife Material:
Wood Profile Width in (inches)
Add a Trim Sander

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Price for knives in USD
One-Time Drawing Fee
Balancing weights and/or gibs
Trim Sander
Total Cost

Shipping within the 48 contigous US states will add $13.95. Please inquire for shipping rates to other areas

If you wish to proceed with an order for your custom moulding knives, please fill in the form below, attach your drawings, and submit. We will then send you the CAD drawings for your approval usually in less than 24 hours. We will also call you for your credit card details.