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SINGLE Molding Knife for Picture Frame MWC-898 (Profile Width: 3-1/2'') for Woodmaster and similar machines

SINGLE Molding Knife for Picture Frame MWC-898 (Profile Width: 3-1/2'') for Woodmaster and similar machines
  • SINGLE Molding Knife for Picture Frame MWC-898 (Profile Width: 3-1/2'') for Woodmaster and similar machines
  • (USD) $72.00

  • Price in Canadian Dollar: (CAD) $95.00

  • 3 or more (USD) $69.10
  • 5 or more (USD) $67.70

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SINGLE Molding Knife for Picture Frame MWC-898 (Profile Width: 3-1/2'')(Picture above shows the wood profile - not the knife)

Supported Machines:
This molding knife is specifically designed to fit machines like Woodmaster, Belsaw, RBI, Jet, Powermatic, Grizzly, Craftex, King Canada or similar machines. Gibs and - or balancing hardware can be purchased along.
If you wish to purchase this molding knife as a corrugated knife for Weinig, Leadermac, Watkins, or Shaper Cutter Heads that accept corrugated knives, please click here.

If you wish to purchase this molding knife for Shop Fox, Williams & Hussey, General International, or similar machines, please click here.

What is included and where and how can I get my knives re-sharpened?
All Molding Knives come with a plastic template. The template is needed to produce your knives in a similar matter as keys are being cut where a finger follows the template and guids the grinding wheel to cut the appropriate profile. The template can later be used to re-sharpen your molding knives at any local tool sharpening service provider. You can also send your molding knives back to us for re-sharpening along with the template you received with your knives. Re-Sharpening is $4.00 per knife inch with a minimum charge of $12.50 per knife.

Please note: The price above includes 1 single knife. If you wish to use one knife only, please order a set of 2 balancing weights and 3 gibs along (select in drop-down box above). If you wish to run 3 knives, please change the quantity above accordingly and order 1 gib per knife along (select in drop-down box above). If you already have gibs and/or balancing weights, please note that our knives are 5/16" thick and gibs that were made for 1/4" thick knives will not work.

Knife Material
You can order all molding knives either made from High Speed Steel (HSS) or Carbide. The HSS will cut easily all kinds of soft- and hardwood and depending on the wood species and density of knots in the wood, it can cut between 2,000 and 5,000 lineal feet before it needs re-sharpening. Carbide will last much longer and is also needed when cutting man-made materials, such as MDF.

Trim Sander for any Molding
NEW: You can add a TRIM SANDER to your order for molding knives that makes sanding your molding easy and fast! For more information, please click here!

How long until my order ships?
Please note that we offer about 1,100 different knives and each one is being offered for several different machine systems. Trying to keep all knives in stock would mean a huge inventory burdon that would increase our prices. Therefore, all molding knife orders are being produced upon order and customized for your individual machine. The production time is on average 2 business days. If you select and pay for a faster shipping service upon checkout (such as UPS NEXT DAY or SECOND DAY AIR), we do understand that you are in a rush to receive your knives and will do our best to produce and ship your order within one business day.

Custom Molding Knives
We do offer custom molding knives with a turn around time of 2 business days. As all of our molding knives are being produced upon order (see above), we can also offer to customize any of our catalog profiles. If you like one of the profiles we offer but want it with a different dimension – no problem! The price for custom knives is the same as for our catalog knives and simply depends on the profile width! To inquire about custom knives, please click here!


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