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Planer Knife Setter Gage

Planer Knife Setter Gage
  • (USD) $61.40

  • Price in Canadian Dollar: (CAD) $80.00

  • 3 or more (USD) $58.00
  • 5 or more (USD) $54.00

Planer Knife Setting Gage Instructions:
1. Prior to removing the old knives you need to set the gage using the old knife elevation out of the knife pocket. Attach the magnet swivel feet to the outside diameter of the cutter head so that the center depth gage magnet is positioned directly over the tip of the dull knife.
2. Adjust the depth gage so that the magnet tip of the depth gage contacts the tip of the dull knife. Lock the set screw on the depth gage and record the numbers on the scale for next time. Repeat this procedure with both gages so that the gages are set to the exact same knife elevations.
3. Remove the old planer knives and clean the knife pocket out to be sure it is free of saw dust and pitch. Next install the sharp blades for the correct rotation and keep the gib bolts loose so the knives can be moved into proper elevation position. Next reattach and position both of the setting gages spaced apart on each end of the planer head so that the magnetic tip of the depth gage are located directly over the tip of the knife. The strong magnets on the depth gage will hold the planer knife to the correct elevation and level to allow you tighten the gib bolts locking the knife tight. Repeat this on each knife pocket. Check the planer knives to make sure they don’t move as the gib bolts are tightened. Using oil on the threads of the gib bolts will reduce knife twist movement and will increase the clamping pressure to hold the knives from slipping out.

If you need to set planer knives in a head that the knives are already removed - You will need to adjust the depth gage using a shim over the head body or by using the number scale on the depth gage so that the knives protrude out of the knife pocket approximately 1/16” to 1/8” beyond the body diameter of the head. Consult the machines owner’s manual to determine the proper knife tip extension and check to be sure the knives are not extending too far that they might strike the table or guards. Be sure both gages are adjusted to the exact same elevation so the knives are adjusted level.

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